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Detoxification is often a vital first step in the addiction treatment process. Drugs often create powerful physical dependence in the human body, and leave residues within tissues and organs. These residues, if not removed before rehabilitation begins, can interfere with an individual’s recovery and spoil his or her chances at sobriety. Detox is a process which lasts from one to seven days and is overseen by trained clinicians, who scrub the patient’s body of harmful toxins and administer medication to alleviate severe withdrawal symptoms.

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How Detox Centers Help

Trying to quit “cold turkey” and self-diagnose withdrawal symptoms is not recommended. Detox is best left in the hands of competent professionals at Seattle Drug Rehabilitation, who know how to address the symptoms and safely clean the body of all drug or alcohol residues, in a clinical setting where sterilization, sanitation, and safety are top concerns.

It’s a proven fact that patients have a much higher rate of success if they go through detox at a residential facility such as the type Seattle Drug Rehabilitation provides. There’s less of a chance of relapse and the patient’s safety and comfort are assured throughout the process.

Don’t suffer in the shadows. Seattle Drug Rehabilitation is here to help you get through the medical detox and drug rehabilitation processes and start you down the path to long-lasting recovery. Get in touch with our specialists today and find out about rehabilitation options available to you.

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