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Seattle Drug Rehabilitation realizes the stigma which many people addicted to drugs or alcohol face in society. The professional team takes great pains to make the process discreet and streamlined by providing a safe, comfortable recovery environment and convenient facilities designed to facilitate the treatment process.

Seattle Drug Rehabilitation is here to help you recover in the most comfortable way. Call (206) 900-8811 to learn more!

The Role of Therapy

No treatment regimen is complete or balanced without therapy. Therapists endeavor to teach clients about the nature of addiction and encourage them to open up about their experiences to others, revealing the factors which led to their addiction. Counselors teach patients strategies for remaining drug and alcohol free even after rehab ends. Seattle Drug Rehabilitation provides art and music classes, yoga and exercise activities, group therapy, family therapy, and individual counseling.

Ongoing Recovery Support

A person hasn’t finished recovery after they leave the rehab center. Frequent maintenance is necessary to keep a person on the path to sobriety. A solid foundation of therapeutic communities, healthy sober activities, and outpatient therapy are required to ensure that a patient doesn’t relapse. Seattle Drug Rehabilitation makes your recovery and happiness the ultimate end goal. A network of Seattle therapists and counselors is at your disposal, as well as ongoing outpatient therapy and a community of sober-minded people who share your struggle. Your admissions counselor will remain with you every step of the way through rehab and get in touch with you frequently after you leave the rehab center to make sure of your continued progress. Seattle Drug Rehabilitation is always here, any hour of the day or night, to listen to your concerns and help if you if you fear that a relapse is approaching.

Seattle Drug Rehabilitation makes sobriety a priority with its extensive aftercare programs. With a host of reunion parties, therapeutic meetings, and external events, Seattle Drug Rehabilitation keeps its clients invested in their recovery even after their stint in rehab ends.

Our Promise to You

It doesn’t matter how easily a patient passed through a 45- to 90-day treatment program. Relapse can strike at any time or place after recovery. If it does, you shouldn’t give up hope: you’re not worthless, and your treatment hasn’t failed. Seattle Drug Rehabilitation offers a free 28-day tune-up program if you or your loved one relapses within a year of finishing one of our 45- to 90-day stays. Seattle Drug Rehabilitation hopes that this measure will improve you or your loved one’s chances at attaining long-lasting recovery.